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- Prologue -

The Sun sets peacefully over the Legford Castle. The inhabitants of the castle are doing their usual business, although Arthur is an exception, who tries to poke a sword out of the stone stairs with a wooden fork. He is actually a baker, so he would have tasks in the mill and around the kitchen. Does he dream of becoming a knight one day?
Peregrine has returned from his forest tour, and now he is walking up the stairs, because he brought herbs, mushrooms, and berries that he acquired during his journey. Peregrin is a bit of a strange figure. Many years ago, he belonged to the Wardens, but now he is in the service of the royal family and a permanent resident of the castle. No one knows exactly who is he. People says he is the ears and eyes of the queen outside the castle. Even so, he regularly returns to the kitchen with ingredients he has collected from the forest. After Legford's wizard, he knows the plants best. Supposedly he has been participated in several battles and some people swear, they once saw a him teaching a squire (kinght’s weapon bearer) how to fight. Therefor he is a mysterious man, nobody know him well.
As the night falls everyone is trying to get back behind the safe walls of Legford, but a knight and her squire are just now starting their evening patrol. Lady Eira and her weapon bearer Finnian usually walk around the surroundings of the castle in the evenings, as the Forest Guardians (or as they called: Wardens) have been venturing closer and closer lately. The task of the knight and her squire is to keep them away from the castle's lands, animals and the people who living around the castle. Eira is the queen's only daughter and the youngest knight in Legford. She hadn’t been in battle yet, but her resilience quickly made her suitable for independent tasks. Due to her talent and perseverance, she is well deserves the title of knight. Finnian is a few years younger, but this does not change his determination and diligence. He enjoys Lady Eira's unconditional trust, which she repays with his loyalty and service worthy of a weapon bearer.
But who are these two dark figures hiding behind the tree? Their green cloaks and red feathered hats immediately reveal that they belong to the Guardians. They are living in the Brickenwood Wilderness. The Brickenwood forest is their home and no one knows this vast and dense wilderness better than them. They never went to war with royal houses, they never served a emperor, but sometimes they make life miserable for the lords when they sneak in and steal stuffs. The infamous Robin Hood also spent his outlaw days among them. Ever since then, the people of the Forestmen have kept to the fact that they do not steal from the poor, only from the rich. These goods often go to the poor citizens of the kingdom, who sympathize with them because of this.
But sneaking this close to Legford… What will become of it?

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