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Chapter Five – Escape from Legford

- Chapter Five -

Escape from Legford

Compared to the end of the previous chapter, now we jump back to the original timeline, where the knight and the squire (Cassian and Sam) are now prisoners, while the hunt for Godwin and his team begins on the plateau.

The delay of two of his men and the sounds of battle emanating from the castle let Lord Godwin know there is a trouble.

— That’s all men, the plan is off, these two bastards have been exposed!

— We're not just gonna leave them here? - Sir Ernald growled.

— Tell me Ernald, what should we do? Shall we three walk into the tumultuous castle, as in the midst of a wedding, and say, "I protest!"? There's nothing we can do here, if we are caught, they will be left without help. Legfordians probably looking for us now, move!

Godwin and the rest of his men tried to get off the plateau as quickly as possible. The sound of horses and soldiers behind them could already be heard. Godwin and Ernald could have gone mad. They had been planning the operation for more than three months, had suffered through the Wilderness for almost two weeks and now they have to escape back.

- Bloody hell, these wretched Legfordians! I'll gather the largest army of the three kingdoms, I swear to God! I'll even recruit the bears from this damn wilderness!!! - Godwin only didn't scream because to recruit the bears they'd have to get out of this alive at first place.

They finally made it off the plateau and managed to slip unnoticed over the path that goes around the huge rock wall. Godwin decided to head to the Riverlands. He hoped to run into fewer legfordian soldiers on this route, everyone expecting him to try to hide in the Brickenwood forest. His calculation seemed correct, until two legfordian uniforms appeared on the scene.

Lady Eira and her squire Finnian were waiting for the patrol to join them.
It seems the enemy found them before.

The Godwins recoiled at the lion's crest, but as soon as they saw their young faces they were encouraged: they were only half children! Eira and Finnian, on the other hand, were less confident. They were aware of what had happened and knew exactly who they were dealing with. In case of an open fight they have no chance.

—Hey kids, step aside and we will leave you alive. We don't want any trouble,  just would like to keep moving. - Godwin began cheerfully.

— Who do you think you're talking with? She's not a kid, she's Lady Eira! - Finnian stood up for the girl as he could barely hide the nervous trembling in his voice.

— Shut up, you little shit! If I sneeze on you, you'll fly away! - Ernald shouted.

— Try it, you scavenger raven! - replied Eira, her heart also pounding. This isn't a patrol around the castle for thieves, this is for blood.

At that moment a throwing knife hit Ernald's helmet with great force and bounced to the ground. There was a sudden silence, but Finnian grinned slyly. He had perfected his use of the various throwing weapons - he was better with them than with melee weapons - and this time he was also hitting the target with pinpoint accuracy.

— Is that so, heroes? Foolish!

— My lord, I suggest let's cut them down and hurry, with every minute the reinforcements are getting closer! - Ernald said impatiently.

— It is true! All right, kids, this is going to hurt a little, but we'll get through it soon, I promise! - said Godwin, rushing at Eira on horseback.

The girl did not hesitate, and immediately sprang towards him with her horse, which Godwin barely managed to jump away from. Meanwhile Sir Ernald received a second knife from Finnian, this time in the thigh. Well, the two great knights had underestimated the youth. After they had risen to their feet, they no longer made mocking remarks, and by now there was not an ounce of mercy left in them. They forced the legfordians off their horses and counter-attacked them hard.

Now it was the lioners who were on the ground. Finnian threw himself on Godwin, who was about to strike a blow at the sprawled Eira. She quickly sprang up and blocked the sword thrust of the oncoming Ernald, but he struck with such force that the weapon flew from her hand. Ernald's long sword was a formidable weapon, heavy and deadly, but also sluggish by virtue of it's weight.  It didn't help that the knight's thighs ached terribly from the knife sticking into them.

Eira soon realised that her only chance is speed and unpredictability. She would not survive another blow like that. She retrieved her sword and began to leap madly around - as much as her armour would allow - the blackraeven knight. Finnian also saw that he could not engage in close combat. He always tried to get away from Godwin and tried to incapacitate him with throwing knives. One of them hit his arm, unfortunately not the one he was wielding the sword with, but it still caused the lord just enough discomfort.

While the fight was going on, Thomlin quietly gathered the horses, which would make the escape quicker. He wondered why it was taking the knights so long to subdue two young kinght. He watched in astonishment as the legfordians danced around the two raven crested.

However, the fast and intense actions comes at a price - they tired of it quickly. Sir Godwin and Sir Ernald knew this. Eira and Finnian were already feeling their strength waning, and more and more mistakes were being made in their movements. Godwin finally got close enough to Finnian and his next blow hit his forearm. The force of the blow broke the boy's arm. He fell to the ground yelled. Eira was momentarily knocked out as she got her head towards Finnian. And that mistake was enough for Ernald to send the girl to the ground with a jab.

At that moment Thomlin roared:

— Backup is coming!!!! The horses are here, my lord!!! Let's go!!!

The two bleackraeven knight suddenly realised that they had the whole of Legford's army on their backs, and here they are, clowning around with these two kids. Ernald was sure Eira was dead, and Godwin no longer cared about the boy. They jumped on their horses and rode off. Poor Thomlin clung frantically behind Ernald, knowing that if he fell, they would not turn back for him. It made his throat constrict to think what was happening to Sam. He had to leave his friend behind.

Finnian ran scared to Eira lying on the ground. As he ran, he could still see the distant cloud of dust in the wake of the galloping horses.

— See you later, Godwin, you damned raven! - he hissed to himself.

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