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Tales of Legford ENG

Welcome to Legford! If you thought LEGO sets were just meant to sit on a shelf gathering dust, then sit back and immerse yourself in Legford's fantasy world! I hope you'll see the photos turn into moving pictures in your mind's eye as you follow the adventures of these miniature heroes! The photos will take you to a scene in the story, and the map will give you the bigger picture.

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The story is not intended to be entirely realistic. Don't take it too seriously! I have kept many of the features of the new and older Castle sets. The names of the ruling houses (e.g. Black Falcon = Blackraeven, Lionheart = Lionfort etc) were also inspired by the original sets. Castle was a very iconic and classic theme in the nineties/early twenties sets, and this year, to celebrate the manufacturer's 90th anniversary, an amazing castle set (Legford Castle in the story) has been re-released. With Legford Tales, I want to bring this world to life and combine it with one of our favourite genre, fantasy.

Enjoy your reading! :)

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Brickenwood Region

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Legford Neighbourhood


Scene Locations

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