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Toy Photography Webinar

Enter the world of your own creations and be a next level storyteller!

Benedek Lampert

Benedek Lampert

I teach 100% of my own knowledge!

I am going to teach you seven years worth of my uniquely developed technical skills and knowledge!

For seven years I have been developing and experimenting with the methods I am currently working with and which I will show you now! I am not just a hobbisttalking nonsense. Toy photography is part of my actual job for a living. I have been working with LEGO for 4 years and I had several other partners who hired me as a toy photographer. I am one of the few who teach this genre and it is also part of my professional work.

Would you like to forget the problems of everyday life? Toy photography can help you to relax!
This unique hobby enables you to express your creativity and learn useful skills! The scenery building or shooting outside (e.g. in a forest or park) is a chill and meditative progress where with a little attention to detail you can create anything you want! Do you have a dream, a vision, a favourite Star Wars movie scene? You can bring it to life, even in your own room!

Move the sliders below and check out how a simple scenery turns into a cinematic movie scene!


20-21. May


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Are you a LEGO or a figure collector?

Don't just let them gather dust on the shelf! Learn how to use them in a creative way! Put your favourite characters into your imagined world!

My goal with the webinar is to give you an experience and a basic knowledge that anyone can use to start their own miniature world at home. The webinar contains some photography theory and  tips&tricks on how to use the best tools to create life-like photos with. What’s more I'm gonna show you how to use everyday objects as studio accessories

Learn the basics of set design, character positioning, lighting and special effects.

Object positioning

Set design


Practical effects

Choose your side! What type of education do you need?

Webinar for those who want to...
...start toy photography.

...improve their skills.
...learn the theory behind the genre.
...get tips and tricks for scenery building.
...learn more about photograph.

Personal consultation (upcoming service) for those who...
...participated in a webinar.
...already has toy photo portfolio.
...want to discuss about their photos.
...has a certain problem or challenge what we should solve.
...have basic knowledge but want to improve their skills.

Prices and course topics

Webinar (2-3 hours): $98 / person
Early Bird ticket: $83.3/person

• The basics
 Technical knowledge
 How to start?
Story telling
Scenery building
Figure positioning
Special/practical effects
 Post production process

New service: Coming soon!

Fill the application form! After you submit it, I am going to reply to you with some e-mail with every necessary further informations!
With the registration you are accept the terms and conditions.

On 20. May, the course will be in Hungarian, on 21. May, the course will be in English.

Ticket informations:

Normal Ticket:
This access will be available after the early bird promotion period (after 29. April). Since this is gonna be the first webinar, this ticket will be discounted too. It means you can buy it with -15% from 30th April.

Would you like to see more before-after images? Let's take a look at these photos below!